Self Regulation Curriculum: Self Regulation Activities for School Counseling

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Self Regulation Curriculum: In this emotion regulation school counseling curriculum, you’ll find 20 classroom guidance lessons on emotion regulation, situationally appropriate behaviors, calming strategies, self talk, perspective taking, and more to help your students understand and manage their emotions and behaviors. Build self regulation skills through hands-on, movement-based cooperative activities to get your students engaged and growing. 

Each lesson includes the following:
⭐A scripted outline
⭐Pre-test/post-test measures
⭐All necessary handouts, activity materials, and stories
⭐Suggestions for data collection
⭐Suggestions for teacher extensions in the classroom 
⭐ASCA standards alignment

What’s included:
❤️Calm Down Corner Printables Set (cut and no-cut version) 
❤️Emotion Word Wall
❤️Emotion Levels Posters
❤️8.5x11 Visual Aids
❤️12x18 Emotion Posters
⭐Pre-/Post-Assessment with Student and Educator Version (bundle exclusive!)
⭐Lesson 1: Emotion Introduction
⭐Lesson 2: Body Recognition
⭐Lesson 3: Expressing Emotions
⭐Lesson 4: Emotion Levels
⭐Lesson 5: Appropriate Behaviors
⭐Lesson 6: Behaviors in Context
⭐Lesson 7: Others’ Behaviors
⭐Lesson 8: Trigger Recognition
⭐Lesson 9: Stop and Think
⭐Lesson 10: Body Calming Strategies
⭐Lesson 11: Mind Calming Strategies
⭐Lesson 12: Flexible Thinking
⭐Lesson 13: How Big is the Problem?
⭐Lesson 14: How Big is My Reaction?
⭐Lesson 15: Cognitive Distortions
⭐Lesson 16: Positive Self Talk 
⭐Lesson 17: Perspective Taking 
⭐Lesson 18: Reflecting on Choices
⭐Lesson 19: Effects on Others
⭐Lesson 20: Game Plan for Future
⭐Student Journal (bundle exclusive!) 
⭐Supplemental Teacher Activities & Teacher Notes 
⭐Supplemental Counseling Activities (including 2 sorting activities and 4 printable board games)
⭐Suggested Book List

Purchasing Tip:
When you purchase this curriculum, you will only need to download the "bonus" file. This will give you a link to a Google Drive folder containing all of the materials listed above. 

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