Letting Go of Grudges Counseling Lesson Plan: Conflict Resolution Activity

  • $5.00

Letting Go of Grudges Activity - This lesson plan will help students answer the question, "What are grudges?" and learn strategies for letting go of grudges! Begin with a breathing exercise and then meet the Grudge Grizzly, a friendly forest animal who eats your grudges so you can stop carrying them around! Create a space in the classroom or counseling office for students to write and release their grudges with the Grudge Grizzly bag. This resource has everything you need to help your students understand and practice letting go of grudges!

 What's included:

  • Detailed, scripted lesson plan
  • Breathing visual aid
  • Printable Grudge Grizzly story (color only, can print in gray-scale)
  • Digital Grudge Grizzly story (PPT file; you can open a PPT in Google Slides)
  • Grudges sound, look, and feel like printable for whole group activity
  • Visual aid with multiple grudge-releasing strategies (color & b/w)
  • Grudge Grizzly labels for paper bag (color & b/w)

 Additional materials needed:

  • Paper lunch bag
  • bag & rocks for visual demonstration (optional)