Making Good Choices Classroom Guidance Lesson: Behavior Expectations

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Is that a good choice? - What do we do when we have big emotions? In this classroom guidance lesson, students will consider behavior choices when they have given emotions. Read the included choose your own outcome PPT story book and review good choices in a fun, movement-based game. Students will practice predicting outcomes from given choices and create positive alternatives. Wrap up the lesson with a grounding exercise for a calming classroom activity! This lesson is perfect for Kindergarten through second grade classroom guidance lessons.


Digital downloads included:

  • Detailed lesson plan with objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, and suggested data collection
  • Choose your own outcome digital PPT story book
  • PPT slides with 15 review scenarios for a movement-based review game
  • Printable for closing activity breathing exercise


Guess What! This activity is lesson 4 in a self regulation unit for little learners. Get the whole, comprehensive unit here.