Mindfulness Classroom Guidance Lessons for School Counseling

  • $5.00

Mindfulness Lessons: What is mindfulness? And how can we practice mindfulness in classroom guidance lessons? In these middle school classroom guidance lessons and mindfulness centers, students will learn what mindfulness is and participate in 7 different mindfulness exercises.


Digital Downloads Included:

  • 2 detailed, easy to use lesson plans (objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested data collection)
  • Pre/Posttest
  • PPT slides (not editable)
  • Guided mindfulness script (lesson 1)
  • 6 mindfulness centers/stations (lesson 2) - mindful breathing, mindful body scan, mindful stretching, mindful gratitude, hidden sensory bag, & sensory exploration


There's something for everyone in these lessons! Help your students find a mindful practice that they enjoy.


Additional materials needed:

  • 3-4 mindfulness children's books
  • play dough
  • paper bags with mystery items inside
  • yoga mats (optional)


Please note: This lesson is included in the Middle School Counseling Curriculum Bundle.