Parts of the Brain Classroom Guidance Lesson & Brain Centers

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Parts of the Brain Activity: In this classroom guidance lesson, students will learn more about the functions of 12 areas of the brain. In a student-led activity, students will create hand gestures or movements to represent the functions of the areas of the brain. Then, students will complete 3 small group activity centers to dive deeper. These activities can be used for 2 30-minute school counseling classroom guidance lessons or one longer lesson.


Digital Downloads Included:

  • Detailed, easy to use lesson plan (objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested data collection)
  • PPT slides (not editable)
  • Notes handout
  • 3 small group centers: in center 1, students hypothesize what might happen if there was damage to specific areas of the brain. In center 2, students match parts of the brain to their location and function. In center 3, students explore lower and higher level processes in the brain.
  • Student bookmarks with links to explore interactive brain websites.


Parts of the brain covered:

  • frontal lobe
  • occipital lobe
  • temporal lobe
  • parietal lobe
  • cerebellum
  • brain stem
  • prefrontal cortex
  • amygdala
  • hippocampus
  • cingulate cortex
  • thalamus
  • corpus callosum


Please note: This lesson is included in the Middle School Counseling Curriculum Bundle.