Size of the Problem Activity Classroom Guidance Lesson: How Big is the Problem?

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Big deal or little deal? - In this classroom guidance lesson, students will learn more about what situations are a big deal and what situations are a little deal. Read the included PPT story book to introduce the concept and then complete 1 of 3 activity options to practice identifying the size of the problem. This lesson is perfect for Kindergarten through second grade classroom guidance lessons.


Digital downloads included:

  • Detailed lesson plan with objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, and suggested data collection
  • Pre/posttest
  • PPT story book
  • 30 PPT scenarios for 2 movement based, whole class activities
  • Printable sorting labels for whole class activity and small group activity
  • Individual practice handout
  • Visual aids
  • Closing activity mantra


All printable materials are included in color and black/white printing options.


Guess What! This activity is lesson 8 in a self regulation unit for little learners. Get the whole, comprehensive unit here.