Conflict Resolution Activity: School Counseling Game for Resolving Conflicts

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Conflict Resolution File Folder Game: Want to practice conflict resolution skills in a fun way? You'll love this resolving conflicts school counseling game! Students practice identifying emotions, using calming strategies, identifying the size of the problem, using a social filter, using assertive communication, identifying communication styles, sharing feelings with I statements, brainstorming solutions, and finding positive solutions to conflicts. This game is great to wrap up a conflict resolution unit in elementary school classroom guidance lessons or for small group counseling activities.


What's included:

Game board (color and b/w)

→Game instructions (color and b/w)

→Game spinner and game pieces (color and b/w)

→Game cards on recognizing emotions, using calming strategies, using a social filter, using assertiveness and positive communication, brainstorming solutions to conflicts, and more (color and b/w)

→Editable game cards to create your own scenarios (color and b/w)


Please Note: This lesson is included in a larger, more comprehensive conflict resolution curriculum, available here.



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