Conflict Resolution Group Counseling Curriculum

  • $15.00

This elementary school small group counseling program promotes positive conflict resolution skills! Teach your students how to recognize and express their feelings, calm their bodies and minds before addressing a conflict, listen to and reflect the feelings of others, respond to conflict in healthy ways, brainstorm solutions, choose win-win solutions, and agree and move on! In this fun, robot-themed program, students will work together to solve problems, participate in movement-based activities, and learn important conflict resolution skills that will promote a more cohesive school environment in which students are empowered to solve their own problems! These lessons can be used for small group counseling or classroom guidance lessons!

What's included:
⇢2 student self-rating forms
⇢teacher rating form
⇢objectives assessment checklist
⇢8 scripted lesson plans with objectives, outline, materials list, & ASCA standards alignment
⇢all necessary handouts
⇢vibrant visual aids
⇢30+ page student workbook to encourage actionable steps during the week
⇢hands-on activities
⇢a fun folder game for a meaningful group termination
⇢anchor chart printables
⇢teacher nomination form (editable)
⇢parental consent form (editable)
⇢counselor passes (editable)