Responsibility Small Group Counseling Program with Responsibility Activities

  • $10.00

This 10-session elementary school counseling small group counseling program is designed to promoteresponsibility skills in elementary-aged students. Through engaging, movement-based activities, students will meet the Responsibility Bugs who will teach valuable lessons about effort, commitment, accepting responsibility, and more!

Topics covered include:
1. Giving your best effort
2. Knowing what is expected/being prepared
3. Keeping commitments
4. Fixing mistakes
5. Telling the truth
6. Not blaming others/accepting responsibility for behavior
7. Thinking about actions and potential consequences
8. Being proud of choices

The Responsibility Bugs teach students how to demonstrate each of these skills, and students learn about these topics in interactive activities such as movement-based games, object lessons, and scoot activities.

What's included:
→Pre- and post-test screening tool (student and teacher form)
→10 organized, scripted lesson plans (objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment)
→Objectives assessment checklist
→All necessary handouts
→All necessary visual aids
→Teacher nomination form
→Parental consent form
→Counselor passes
→Student journals