Study Skills Small Group Counseling Program with Study Skills Activities

  • $10.00

This 8-session elementary school counseling study skills small group counseling program is designed to empower students to understand their individual learning styles and to identify studying techniques that appeal to their learning styles. Use for small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, or individual counseling sessions.

Sessions include:
Session 1: Group Introduction
Session 2: Learning Styles
Session 3: At School - Taking Notes
Session 4: At School - Planners
Session 5: On Your Own - Organizing Notes
Session 6: On Your Own - Reviewing Notes (Studying)
Session 7: On Your Own - Study Zone
Session 8: Group Termination/Reflection on Growth

What's included:
Pre/Post Screening tool
⭐Objective assessment checklist
Lesson plans (objectives, session outline/script, materials list, and ASCA standards alignment)
⭐All necessary handouts
⭐All necessary visual aids
⭐Mini-book for students to record personal reflections and strategies