Calm Down Corner Self Regulation Lap Book: Label Feelings & Calming Strategies

  • $4.00

Calm Corner Tool - Help students practice emotion regulation with this calm down spot folder! Students review procedures for using the calm spot, identify their own feelings in the moment, choose coping skills or calming strategies that work for them, check in with themselves afterward, and help themselves return to their activities. This can be placed in your calm down area or used as an emotion regulation lap book for individuals.


What's included:

  • Instructions for assembly and use
  • Front cover: review procedures for using the tool
  • Emotion identification: 29 emotion cards included
  • Calming strategies: 25 calming strategy cards included
  • Breathing & strength focus printable (figure 8 breathing guide & 6 yoga poses)
  • All student materials included in color & black/white


Other Supplies You'll Need:

  • File folder
  • Hook and loop dots/squares

Please note: This is a digital download file. You will not receive anything in the mail.


Guess What! This tool is a part of a soon-to-come self regulation unit for little learners. Stay tuned for the whole unit! If you want to be notified when the whole unit is ready, be sure you're on our email list and we'll let you know!