Bullying Centers: Bullying Review Activities for Counseling Guidance Lesson

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Bullying Centers: In these 4 bullying prevention activities, students will be able to answer the question, "What is bullying?", be aware of the types of bullying, have ideas for standing up to cyber bullying, and know the risks and rewards of standing up to bullying by being an active bystander or "upstander." Students will review scenarios and decide if the situations described are or are not bullying and will review scenarios and decide what type of bullying is demonstrated in the situation. Students will also generate ideas regarding how to stand up to cyber bullying and talk about why people become passive bystanders and how they can take a stand against bullying. This is perfect for a classroom guidance lesson during bullying prevention month or for a small group activity to help students better understand what bullying is.


What's included:

  • 4 printable centers in color and black/white