Empathy in STEM Activity Task Cards: Counseling Empathy Activities & Digital Learning Activities

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Empathy in STEM: What does empathy have to do with STEM? Everything! Use these empathy and STEM paper or digital task cards to help students identify barriers that others face and use this information to create innovations that create access for everyone! These empathy activities are perfect for classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling activities, counselor-science partnerships, or homeschool STEM activities!


Digital Downloads Included:

  • Quick start instructions
  • Visual aids (color & b/w)
  • 24 activity task cards (color & b/w)
  • PPT scenario for whole group guidance through the process
  • PDF with instructions for using the task cards in Google Slides TM


How to use this activity deck:

  • In counseling classroom guidance lessons: In teams, students can review a scenario card and work together to move through the engineering design process and make their creations using building blocks or by sketching. These can also be used for a center during an empathy or teamwork lesson.
  • In counseling small groups: To build empathy, teamwork, and creativity, have groups select a card that is meaningful for them. Students can work together to move through the engineering design process over multiple sessions and to fully design their innovations.
  • In the classroom: Use the cards as discussion prompts, project starters or STEM activities.
  • Makers space: Place the cards on a ring. Provide students with the card deck, STEMpathy guide handouts and building materials to independently innovate!
  • At home: use the card for empathy-building play activities!
  • For distance learning: Add the Google Slides task cards to your Google Classroom. Students can type their responses and upload pictures of their designs!


Please note: this is a digitally downloadable activity licensed for one counselor only. If more than one counselor wants to use this activity, multiple licenses are required. It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to email this file, post it on the internet, post it on Google Drive (TM) or other shared drives for others to use.