Pause and Think Classroom Guidance Lesson: Calm Think and Choose

  • $5.00

I can calm, think, and choose! - In this self regulation classroom guidance lesson, students will practice synthesizing skills by identifying calming strategies, labeling feelings, identifying the size of the problem, and using positive problem solving solutions. Read the included PPT story book and then complete 1 of 2 activity options to practice synthesizing skills. This lesson is perfect for Kindergarten through second grade classroom guidance lessons.


Digital downloads included:

  • Detailed lesson plan with objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, and suggested data collection
  • Pre/posttest
  • PPT story book
  • Activity option 1: 4 small group centers
  • Activity option 2: whole group activity
  • Lots of hands-on activities for practice
  • Visual aids
  • Student bookmarks


Nitty Gritty:

2 activity options are included. Ideally, you could complete this lesson over the course of 2 sessions. In session 1, students practice isolated skills in small group centers. In session 2, students participate in whole group activity to synthesize skills. No time for 2 sessions? Just pick 1 of the activities that fits your students best.


All printable materials are included in color and black/white printing options.


Guess What! This activity is lesson 10 in a soon-to-come self regulation unit for little learners. Stay tuned for the whole unit! As always, if you purchase this individual lesson and later decide you want to purchase the whole bundle, you can reach out to TPT Support and be refunded for the individual lesson you purchased.