Conflict Resolution Curriculum: School Counseling Conflict Resolution Activities

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Conflict Resolution Curriculum: Build foundational conflict resolution skills with this school counseling curriculum to help students understand how to positively and effectively resolve conflicts! In this 11-lesson unit, students will learn how to identify emotions, use immediate calming strategies, scale conflicts (answer the question: how big is the problem?), use individual solutions for small problems, share feelings using I statements, actively listen and reflect, brainstorm solutions, and identify positive solutions to conflicts. This unit is perfect for school counseling classroom guidance lessons on resolving conflicts or conflict resolution small group counseling activities.


All lessons include detailed lessons with objectives, scripted outlines, materials lists, ASCA standards alignment, and suggestions for data collection. Each lesson includes a PowerPoint storybook, so no additional curriculum materials are needed!


What's Included:

 Identifying Emotions Classroom Guidance Lesson - Understanding Feelings

 Calming Strategies Activities Classroom Guidance Lesson Cool Down Centers

 How Big is the Problem: Conflict Thermometer Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Problem Solving Conflict Resolution Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Communication Styles Classroom Guidance Lesson: Assertive Communication

 Sharing Feelings with I Feel Statements Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Social Filter Classroom Guidance Lesson: Filtering Thoughts in Conflict

 Active Listening & Reflecting Classroom Guidance Lesson for Conflict Resolution

 Sharing, Listening, and Reflecting Skill Synthesis Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Brainstorming Solutions in Conflict Resolution Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Moving on From Conflict Classroom Guidance Lesson

 Conflict Resolution Activity: School Counseling Game for Resolving Conflicts 

Conflict Resolution Card Game

Bonus Material - When purchasing this conflict resolution curriculum, you'll receive these bonus materials:
✅ 2 Student Pre/Posttest Forms
✅ Teacher/Adult Rater Pre/Posttest Form
✅ Planting an Apology Activity
✅ Color by Code Practice Whole Class Reward Printables for Multiple Skills
✅ Certificates of Completion

 Please note: this is a digitally downloadable curriculum. You will not receive anything in the mail.


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