Anger Workbook for Kids: Keeping My Cool with Anger Management Strategies

  • $15.00

Anger Management Workbook - Help your students explore what anger is, how anger affects the brain, the physical experience of anger, and effective strategies for dealing with anger at school and at home. This workbook is perfect for individual counseling or small group counseling and now includes a digital workbook for use with Google Slides TM.


What's included in the workbook?

  • Pre/post reflection on student goals and experiences
  • Anger safety contract
  • Psychoeducation about what anger is and the body's anger cascade
  • Psychoeducation about the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Instructions for using body calming strategies (controlled breathing, grounding, progressive muscle relaxation, and energy release)
  • Instructions for using mind calming strategies (self talk, visualization, and thought-checking)
  • Several case studies for students to investigate and apply their learning
  • Self reflection pages
  • Self check pages
  • Anger plan outline
  • Additional instructional topics covered: anger triggers, underlying feelings, helpful vs. unhelpful actions, I-statements, assertive communication, size of the problem vs. reaction, and more!


Who is this for?

  • Students and children ages 7-10, plus or minus a year depending on your specific child and the degree to which you will be helping them move through the workbook
  • Students and children who are working on finding healthy ways to manage and respond to anger

How should this be used?

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • At home with guided support from trusted adults


What kind of workbook is this?

  • This is a digitally downloadable workbook. You will be able to download the workbook and print it or use it digitally. 
  • You will not receive a printed and bound workbook in the mail.
  • You may print as many copies as you need to work with your students, forever! 
  • Why buy digitally downloadable workbooks? Digitally downloadable workbooks offer a great value for longevity!  You only purchase the workbook once, but you can print and re-use the workbook as many times as you need, rather than buying multiple copies of traditionally printed and bound workbooks.


What formats are included?

  • Color, downloadable and printable (included now)
  • B/W, downloadable and printable (included now)
  • Color, digital (Google Slides TM version) (included now)
  • Color, digital (PDF with form fields) (coming soon)