Big Deal Little Deal Counseling Lesson: Problem Size and Reaction Size Activity

  • $3.00

Big Deal Little Deal Counseling Lesson - This classroom counseling lesson plan will help students in grades 2-3 distinguish between bid deals and little deals and match an appropriate reaction size to the problem. Use the included slides to hook student attention, for instruction, offer a movement break, and practice identifying the size of the problem, if the reaction size fits, and what a better reaction might be.

What's included:

  • Detailed, scripted lesson plan (BW and color)
  • Slides for lesson hook, instruction, movement break, and practice (PPT file; you can open a PPT in Google Slides - color only)
  • Visual aid to review strategies (BW and color)
  • Small group practice handout - identify big deal or little deal (BW)
  • Individual practice handout - match problems to reactions (BW)
  • 2 early finisher options - create your own bid deal/little deal scenario cards (BW and color) or find and color robot emojis (BW)

Please note: all materials are digitally downloadable. You will not receive anything in the mail.