Career Exploration Unit with Interactive Notebook for Career Education

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This career development unit includes 15 classroom guidance lessons that provide interactive, fun activities to help elementary school students explore the world of work! The interactive notebook gives students the opportunity to personalize their experiences through card sorts, reflection, and exploration activities. Explore career interests, career clusters, personal skills and values, educational levels and more through hands-on, interactive, engaging activities.

Lesson topics include:
☆Lesson 1: What is a Career?
☆Lesson 2: Choosing A Career
☆Lesson 3: Career Interests
☆Lesson 4: Career Values
☆Lesson 5: Skills/Strengths
☆Lesson 6: Career Cluster - Technical Sciences
☆Lesson 7: Career Cluster - Agricultural Sciences
☆Lesson 8: Career Cluster - Business Services
☆Lesson 9: Career Cluster - Human Services
☆Lesson 10: Career Cluster - Health Sciences
☆Lesson 11: Career Cluster - Communication Arts
☆Lesson 12: Educational Levels
☆Lesson 13: Educational Levels
☆Lesson 14: Career Exploration
☆Lesson 15: Wrap Up

What's included:
Each lesson includes objectives, outline/script, materials list, all necessary handouts, all necessary visual aids/slides, interactive notebook pages and sample pictures, ASCA standards alignment, and objectives assessment checklist.

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