Comprehensive Classroom Guidance Unit with School Counseling Interactive Notebook

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60-Lesson Comprehensive Classroom Guidance Lesson Unit: This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson interactive notebook bundle contains classroom guidance lessons in the academic, career, & health (mental, emotional, social & physical) domains for 3 years' worth of lessons (20 lessons per year). Lessons are fun, hands-on, and engaging! Using interactive notebooks will help your students to create personal connections with material and create a meaningful take-away from your counseling activities. Interactive notebooks provide opportunities for differentiation and student creativity and responses with your material.


Under Construction:

This comprehensive unit is under construction. It was originally created in 2015 and is undergoing updates to maintain modern look and current methods. All of the lessons have not been updated yet, but the complete unit will be updated and finished by the end of September 2018. You will still be able to access the current 35-lesson file while the update is completed.


Details: Every lesson includes a lesson plan (objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA Mindsets/Behaviors alignment, suggested data collection), all necessary visual aids, all necessary handouts, and optional interactive notebook elements. When you download, you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder containing the materials. This folder will be updated regularly as more lessons are updated.


What's Included:

(Lessons with a ⭐ are completed and currently included the unit folder. Lessons with a ❍ are coming soon!)

Academic Lessons:

⭐Multiple Intelligences

⭐Academic Behaviors

⭐Growth Mindset

⭐Goal Setting

⭐Goal Follow Through


⭐Study Skills

⭐Test Prep

⭐Test Taking


Career Lessons:

⭐Personal Skills

⭐Personal Interests

⭐Career Values

⭐Health Sciences

⭐Agricultural Sciences

⭐Technical Sciences

⭐Human Services

⭐Business Services

⭐Communication Arts

⭐Educational Levels Part 1

⭐Educational Levels Part 2

⭐I am a Community Helper

⭐How I Will Change the World


Mental Health Lessons:

❍I am Valuable (Self Esteem)

❍I have Ownership (Self Esteem)

❍I am Worthy (Self Esteem)

⭐Flexible Thinking

⭐Positive Thinking


Social Health Lessons:

⭐Behavioral Expectations

⭐Peer Mediation


⭐Conflict Resolution





⭐Perspective Taking

⭐Bullying Prevention



⭐Ethical Decision Making

⭐Making Friends

⭐Keeping Friends

⭐Communication Style

❍Playing Fair


Emotional Health Lessons:

⭐Emotional Vocabulary

⭐Recognizing Emotions (body recog)

⭐What I Need/Want

⭐Expressing Emotions

⭐Body Calming Strategies

⭐Mind Calming Strategies

⭐Coping Strategies

⭐Identifying Triggers

⭐Self Care



Physical Health Lessons:

⭐Healthy Choices

⭐Personal Safety

⭐Internet Safety

⭐Drug Prevention


Supplemental Lessons:

⭐Meet the Counselor

❍Grade Level Transitions



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