Digital Footprint Digital Activity for Google Classroom Distance Learning

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Digital Citizenship & Digital Footprint Digital Activity - In this Google Slides digital activity, students review what digital footprints are and why they are important. Students imagine they are admissions officers for a school and review applications and social media posts of applicants to make a decision! Then students review social media posts and decide which ones they want to leave their digital footprints on and which ones they don't! Students complete these activities via Google Slides TM/Google Classroom TM.

Digital downloads included:

  • 1 page instructions for counselor, educator, or parent
  • Google Slides TM activity (introductory slides, interactive admissions activity, interactive social media review activity)

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Please note: this is a digitally downloadable curriculum licensed for one counselor only. If more than one counselor wants to use this curriculum, multiple licenses are required. It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to email this curriculum, post it on the internet, post it on Google Drive (TM) or other shared drives for others to use.