Elementary School Counseling Interactive Notebook Part II Social Emotional INB

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This social-emotional interactive notebook for elementary school counseling expands upon my first elementary school counseling interactive notebook with 6 additional unique sections! Cover growth mindset, empathy, friendship, supportive communities/bullying prevention, responsibility, conflict resolution, and mindfulness in your interactive notebook. These are perfect for whole group classroom guidance or a small group counseling setting.

How it works: Students cut out page elements and glue/tape into interactive notebook, creating unique pages that are personally meaningful. All pages are created in black/white printing so students can use colors to create meaningful connections. It's easy to differentiate with this product, as you can have students glue page elements or tape to create lift-a-flap style for further interaction with topics.

This notebook contains 7 sections/topics:
⭐1. Growth Mindset
-Cover/section divider
-Definitions of fixed and growth mindset
-Growth vs. fixed mindset statement sort
-Reframing fixed mindset statements
-Identifying and challenging fixed mindset statements
-20 growth mindset reflection pages (same reflection questions as my Growth Mindset Reflection Journal)

⭐2. Empathy
-Cover/section divider
-Definitions (boy/girl forms)
-Empathy looks, sounds, feels like foldable
-How can I be empathetic?
-Identifying emotions in others
-I have shown empathy... graphic
-Someone has shown me empathy... graphic
-Empathy can change the world!
-Reflection Pages

⭐3. Friendship
-Cover/section divider
-Hypothesis setting
-FRIEND acrostic
-Friendship sounds, looks, feels like foldable
-A friend is, can, does foldable
-How to make a friend
-Friendship qualities sort
-Friend wanted poster
-How to keep a friend
-Friend vs. foe card sort
-What would you do? scenario cards

⭐4. Supportive Communities (Bullying Prevention)
-Cover/section divider
-Hypothesis setting: how can you create a supportive community?
-I support my community by...
-Scale of Kindness graphics
-How can my words affect my community?
-Community support discussion
-My plan to support my community
-Reflection pages

⭐5. Responsibility
-Cover/section divider
-Hypothesis setting
-My responsibilities foldable (boy/girl/generic form)
-Responsibility flip book
-Responsibility situation sort
-Reflection pages

⭐6. Conflict Resolution
-Cover/section divider
-Personal experience
-Hypothesis setting
-Steps to peaceful conflict resolution
-Types of solutions
-Conflict scenario cards
-I can peacefully resolve a conflict... given scenario plan
-Reflection pages

⭐7. Mindfulness
-Cover/section divider
-Hypothesis setting
-How does mindfulness feel?
-Benefits of mindfulness
-Practice mindfulness (20+ strategies to try and reflect upon: 1 page per strategy)
-Mindful mantras
-Reflection pages

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