Emotion Recognition Classroom Guidance Lessons: Identify & Express Feelings

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Emotion Recognition Lessons: This 4-lesson set includes classroom guidance lessons on understanding what emotions are and what they tell us, recognizing physical experiences of emotions, expressing emotions, and understanding levels of emotions. After participating in these lessons, students will have a wide emotional vocabulary, understand the physical clues they experience with different emotions, know how to effectively express their emotions to others, and label their emotions based on the level of the experience. These lessons include interactive, cooperative activities to get your students engaged and growing!

❗❗This classroom guidance lesson set is included in this curriculum: Self Regulation Curriculum: Self Regulation Activities for School Counseling.

What's included:
⭐Lesson 1: What Are Emotions?
⭐Lesson 2: Identifying Emotions
⭐Lesson 3: Expressing Emotions
⭐Lesson 4: Emotion Levels
→All lessons include the following:
-Detailed, scripted lesson plan (objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, data collection suggestions, & classroom extension suggestions)
-Pre-/post-test measure
-All necessary handouts
-All necessary visual aids
-PPT slides
-Teacher letter
⭐Emotion Word Wall
⭐8.5x11 visual aids
⭐12x18 poster side visual aids
⭐Classroom extension printables

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