Family Changes Digital Activity for Google Classroom Distance Learning

  • $6.00

Family Changes Digital Activities - These Google Slides TM digital activities are perfect for family changes small group counseling for students going through divorce, separation, or other family changes. Activities can be divided into 8 smaller activities for 8 sessions for family changes small group counseling! Students complete these activities via Google Slides TM/Google Classroom TM. This resource can be used for small group counseling or individual counseling.


Included activities:

  • All about me: students introduce themselves
  • What does family mean? Students define family in their own words and introduce their own families.
  • Share your experience: students create a timeline of their life events
  • Changes in my life: students share more about the changes they are experiencing
  • Whose responsibility? Students learn about kid vs. adult responsibilities
  • Big feelings: students review strategies they can use when they feel sad, angry, worried, or frustrated
  • Supportive people: students learn about supportive vs. unsupportive qualities and identify supportive people in their lives
  • Affirmations: students choose and create their own affirmations


What's included:

  • 1 page instructions for counselor, educator, or parent
  • Google Slides TM activity (introductory slides, interactive response slides, digital card sort)
  • Video tutorial for setting up in Google Classroom TM


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