Family Changes Small Group Counseling Program for Divorce or Separation

  • $7.00

This 8-session elementary school counseling small group counseling curriculum is designed to support students dealing with changes at home, such as divorce and separation. Students discuss changes at home, responsibilities of kids and adults, reaffirm their own identify, and evaluate scenarios. Use with small groups or for individual counseling.

Session Guide:
Session 1: Group Introduction (finding common ground)
Session 2: Meet My Family
Session 3: Changes at Home (create timeline of major life experiences and feelings associated)
Session 4: Adult vs. Kid Responsibilities (read Was it the Chocolate Pudding? by Sandra Levins)
Session 5: Stages of Grief (includes The Grieving Goose story)
Session 6: I'm Still Me (divorce doesn't define me)
Session 7: What Would You Do? (review divorce/separation-related scenarios)
Session 8: Termination (Changing Families Survival Kit)