Feelings Classroom Guidance Lesson Identifying Emotions

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What are feelings? - What are emotions anyway? In this introductory classroom guidance lesson, students will meet The Feelings Train and learn about his changing emotions! Students will think about why people feel certain emotions and identify their own feelings. Wrap up the lesson with a breathing exercise for a calming classroom activity! This lesson is perfect for Kindergarten through second grade classroom guidance lessons.


What's included:

  • Detailed lesson plan with objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, and suggested data collection
  • Read along PPT story
  • PPT story review game for whole group (review why The Feelings Train felt certain emotion)
  • Puzzle story review game for smaller groups
  • Handouts for small group practice identifying reasons people feel certain emotions
  • Handouts for individual practice describing emotions
  • Printable for closing activity breathing exercise


Guess What! This activity is lesson 1 in a self regulation unit for little learners. Get the whole, comprehensive unit here.