Feelings Classroom Guidance Lesson - Recognizing Emotions Activity

  • $3.00

How do we recognize feelings? - What are emotions anyway? In this introductory classroom guidance lesson, students will learn ways to listen to their bodies and tune in to their emotions! In a fun game that gets students moving, students will practice labeling their feelings in specific situations. Wrap up the lesson with a breathing exercise for a calming classroom activity! This lesson is perfect for Kindergarten through second grade classroom guidance lessons.


Digital downloads included:

  • Detailed lesson plan with objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, and suggested data collection
  • PPT slides & review game for whole group
  • 20+ "Emotion Explainers" - printables to review how emotions feel, what people want when they feel these emotions, and reasons people feel these emotions
  • Printable bookmarks or desk labels for students to use to identify their feelings
  • Printable for closing activity breathing exercise


Guess What! This activity is lesson 2 in a  self regulation unit for little learners. Get the whole, comprehensive unit here.