Girl CODE Group Counseling Program for Positive Girl Relationships

  • $15.00

This elementary school small group counseling program promotes positive girl relationships! Teach your students about positive communities that value inclusiveness, diversity, and empowerment to transform the girl community in your school! As your students learn to unlock the Girl CODE, they will practice showing compassion, reframe pessimistic or negative views to build an attitude of optimism, embrace diversity, and explore actions that empower girls!

What's included:
⇢2 student self-rating forms
⇢teacher rating form
⇢objectives assessment checklist
⇢8 scripted lesson plans with objectives, outline, materials list, & ASCA standards alignement
⇢all necessary handouts
⇢vibrant visual aids in color and black/white
⇢40+ page student workbook to encourage actionable steps during the week
⇢hands-on activities
⇢meaningful discussions