I Feel Proud Counseling Activity: Proud Lesson for Kindergarten Counseling

  • $4.00

This proud feelings classroom counseling lesson plan will help students in grades K-1 understand what feeling proud is, how to express feelings of pride, and how to find ways to be proud of themselves and their work. Students learn strategies using fun, movement-based activities and a song!

What's included:
  • Detailed, scripted lesson plan (BW and color)
  • Slides for story and strategies (PPT file, can be opened in Google Slides, can print story from PPT file if preferred)
  • Printable story (color & BW)
  • Visual aids for strategies (color and BW)
  • Individual student handouts (BW)
  • Student proud strategy bookmarks or desk labels (color and BW)
This lesson is intended to be an introductory Kindergarten lesson (early in the school year) in a feelings unit. Each lesson covers a different feeling with strategies for managing feelings. See other lessons paired in the unit:

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Q: Do I need extra materials?
A: You'll need pencils and coloring utensils if you opt to use the individual student handouts.

Q: How long will this take?
A: I did this lesson in a 45-minute block with my Kindergarten students. All students are different.

Q: Can I use this in small groups or with an individual student?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Can I use this in Google Slides?
A: Yes. Simply drag and drop the PPT file to your Google Drive.