Interactive Mindfulness Bulletin Board

  • $4.00

Make a Mindful Moment: Use this mindfulness bulletin board to create an interactive spot for students to practice mindfulness at school! These interactive elements will guide students through a body scan, controlled breathing, and expressions of gratitude. These are great for the counseling office, a calm corner or calm area, or a place in the hallway where students gather or wait.


What's Included:

  • Bulletin board letters ("Make a Mindful Moment!") - color and black/white
  • Printables for body scan guide
  • Printables for guided breathing exercises
  • Printables for a gratitude wheel
  • All materials are included in color and black/white


You'll love this: These Mindfulness from A to Z cards match the bulletin board - put them on a hook on your board or use them in classroom guidance lessons or morning meetings.