Kindergarten Classroom Guidance Lessons Bundle: Dinosaur Themed Counseling Unit

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This dinosaur-themed elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson bundle is perfect for Kindergarten or early elementary students who are not yet reading or are emerging readers! Engage students with fun activities on topics such as growth mindset, goal setting, playing safely, burting, making friends, apologizing, worry, and much more!

Lesson format:
→Each of the 13 lessons includes a story (PowerPoint, PDF printable, and mp4 video options included) about a dinosaur student who is learning about a new concept from the counselor (Counselorus!).
→All lessons also include group activities (mostly movement-based games/activities), simple student handouts/crafts that do not require reading and can be completed by drawing pictures OR writing responses, depending on student developmental level.

What's included:
Meet the Counselor (Counselorus)
Growth Mindset (Try-ceratops)
Goal Setting (Ste-goal-saurus)
Playing Safely (T-wrecks)
Blurting/Impulse Control (Blurt-osaurus)
When to Tell (Tell-odactyl)
Making Friends (Friendly Mammoth)
Shyness/Including Others (Shy-ceratops)
Apologizing (Bronto-sorr-us)
Feelings (Cry-ceratops)
Managing Worry (Worry Mammoth)
Career Exploration (T-Rexplorer)
End of the Year (Ste-grow-saurus)

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