Kindergarten Friendship Group Counseling Curriculum

  • $15.00

Kindergarten Friendship Skills Group Counseling Curriculum - It's time to paint a rainbow of friendship skills! These 9 highly-engaging, fun lessons will help your students better understand what a great friendship looks like and how to be a great friend! Your students will love the puppet friends in each lesson and getting to practice their new skills right away in fun learning opportunities.

Digital downloads included:

  • Pre/post screening tool
  • Teacher nomination form
  • Parental consent form
  • Counselor passes
  • 9 highly detailed, scripted lesson plans that are easy to use! Lesson plans include objectives, scripted outlines, materials lists, and ASCA standards alignment
  • Puppet printables and puppet scripts for each lesson
  • Vibrant visual aids
  • Fun games for students to practice their new skills
  • Family letters for each session to tell families what students practiced and how they can reinforce skills at home
  • Group completion certificates

Sessions included:

  • Session 1: What is a friend?
  • Session 2: Respectful friends
  • Session 3: Open to learn
  • Session 4: You matter!
  • Session 5: Give and take
  • Session 6: Bold and brave
  • Session 7: Inviting and inclusive
  • Session 8: Praising friends
  • Session 9: Termination

But what if I want to use it with first grade?!

No problem! All materials that are given to teachers or parents are included with "Kindergarten" and "elementary" verbiage.

Please note: this is a digitally downloadable curriculum licensed for one counselor only. If more than one counselor wants to use this curriculum, multiple licenses are required. It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to email this curriculum, post it on the internet, post it on Google Drive (TM) or other shared drives for others to use.