Managing Anger Digital Activity for Google Classroom Distance Learning

  • $3.00

Anger Management Digital Activity - In this Google Slides TM digital activity, students review what anger is, identify their own potential triggers, and review a variety of positive coping skills and calming strategies to use when they feel angry! Then students will choose coping strategies to use when they have big feelings to create a basic anger plan. Students complete these activities via Google Slides TM/Google Classroom TM. This can be used as a part of a classroom guidance lesson, small group counseling activity, or individual counseling activity.


What's included:

  • 1 page instructions for counselor, educator, or parent
  • Google Slides TM activity (introductory slides, interactive response slides, digital card sort)


In this managing anger digital activity, students will:

  • Review the basics of what anger is
  • Identify their own potential triggers for anger
  • Identify how anger affects their bodies and minds
  • Identify how anger affects their relationships
  • Describe calm vs. anger body sensations
  • Review 20+ strategies for managing anger (differentiate between healthy and unhealthy strategies)
  • Identify healthy strategies they have tried before
  • Create an anger plan that includes their personal anger triggers and healthy strategies they can try

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