School Counseling Centers: Over 50 Activities for Centers in School Counseling

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This bundle includes everything you need for successful school counseling centers! You’ll get ready to print and implement materials for empathy centers, feelings centers, friendship centers, kindness centers, managing anger centers, mindfulness centers, self esteem centers, self-regulation centers, social skills centers, stress management centers, test prep centers, career exploration centers, personal safety centers, internet safety centers, and healthy choices centers. Centers are great for classroom guidance lessons!

A purchase of this resource includes a single-user license. This means that one counselor may use these resources will all of his or her students forever. If multiple counselors will be using the bundle, please contact me for special discounted pricing on multiple licenses.

What’s included:
Empathy Centers:
-Empathy Scenarios & Discussion Questions (from Everyday Empathy)
-Emotion Investigators Folder Game
Feelings Centers:
-Play Dough Feelings Mats
-Feelings Gauges
-Bunny Feelings Match
-Candy Corn Feelings Match
-Feelings Football Match
-Snowman Feelings Match
-How is My Selfie Feeling
-I Feel…When… Digital Activity
-Seasonal Feelings Matching Activities

Friendship Centers:
-Friend Wanted 4-Center Set
-Friendship Blessing Activity
-Friendship Dilemmas
-Friendship Folder Game

Kindness Centers:
-Secret Kind Notes
-My Personal Kindness Checklist
-Build Your Own Kindness Challenge

Managing Anger Centers:
-Identify Anger Triggers
-Identify Calming Strategies
-Managing Anger Folder Game

Mindfulness Centers:
-Be the Bubble Folder Game
-10 Mindfulness Centers Set (from Mindfulness Scoot)

Self Esteem Centers:
-Self Esteem 5-Center Set
-Love Monsters Folder Game
-Knight in Shining Armor Folder Game

Self Regulation Centers:
-Self Regulation 11-Center Set
-Appropriate Responses to Hard Situations Activity

Social Skills Centers:
-Partner Directed Draw
-Counselor Says (from Social Skills Group)
-Tattle or Tell?
-Think it or Say it?

Stress Management Centers:
-Stress Management 9-Center Set

Test Prep Centers:
-Test-Taking 4-Center Set
-Test Taking Folder Game

Career Exploration Centers:
-Career Clusters Centers (from Career Exploration Unit)
-Career Clusters Lap Books
-Career Interest Inventory
-Career Interest Card Sort
-Community Helper Puzzles
-Community Helper Matching
-Community Helper Puzzle Mats
-Community Helpers Work Together

Personal Safety Centers:
-My Body is Mine
-Safe/Unsafe Secrets
-Trust Your Gut
-Safe to Help?
-Communicating Plans

Internet Safety Centers:
-Safe or Unsafe Post?
-Craft a Safe Post
-Respond or Not?

Healthy Bodies Centers:
-Healthy or Unhealthy Paper Sorting Activity
-Healthy or Unhealthy Digital Sorting Activity
-Yoga for Calming
-Yoga for Strengthening
-Build Your Own Workout


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