School Counseling Check In Routine Visual Aids for Group & Individual Counseling

  • $2.00

Counseling Check-In Routines Visual Aids - Give students a chance to share highs, lows, and celebrations at the beginning of group counseling or individual counseling sessions! These visual aids give kids a fun way to remember what to share and keep groups on track as a part of your group counseling routine.


Digital downloads included:

  • 5 color check-in routine visuals
  • 5 black/white check-in routine visuals


How I use it:

At the beginning of every group session. each group member has the opportunity to share 3 things. We use these visuals to guide the conversation, keep students on topic, and reduce anxiety surrounding what to share.


Want more resources to keep your group focused and on track?

Try these group counseling visual schedules!


Please note: this is a digitally downloadable resource licensed for one counselor only. If more than one counselor wants to use this curriculum, multiple licenses are required. It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to email this curriculum, post it on the internet, post it on Google Drive (TM) or other shared drives for others to use.