Self Control Group Counseling Program: Impulse Control & Self Control Activities

  • $10.00

This 8-session elementary school counseling small group counseling program empowers elementary students to engage in self control strategies! Students learn strategies for delayed gratification, body control, taking turns, attending to auditory and visual cues, filtering thoughts, and more! This group is perfect for your wiggle worm students who may struggle with impulse control and need direct instruction with strategies to help them succeed in the classroom and in peer relationships.

Sessions topics:
Session 1: Group Introduction
Session 2: Defining Self Control
Session 3: Following the Rules
Session 4: Taking Turns
Session 5: Controlling My Body
Session 6: Controlling my Words
Session 7: Delayed Gratification
Session 8: Group Termination

What's included:
⇢pre- and post-screening tools (2 forms for students, 1 form for teacher rating)
⇢teacher nomination form
⇢parental consent form
⇢counselor passes
⇢objectives assessment checklist
⇢8 easy-to-follow lesson plans (include objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment)
⇢all necessary visual aids
⇢all necessary handouts
⇢reminder bracelets for students to wear to encourage group-classroom-home link
⇢optional reflection journal and coloring pages