Size of the Problem Classroom Guidance Lesson for School Counseling

  • $5.00

How big is that problem? And how big is my reaction? In this classroom guidance lesson, students will practice scaling problems and identifying appropriate reactions to those problems. As a whole group, students will identify the size of the problem. In small groups, students will differentiate between problem sizes and identify reactions that match the size of the problem. This is a great activity for classroom guidance lessons or small group counseling sessions.


Digital Downloads Included:

  • Detailed, easy to use lesson plan (objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested data collection)
  • Pre/Posttest
  • PPT slides (not editable) with story
  • 2 whole group activity options (3 corners problem size identification and individual clip card problem size evaluation with scenarios)
  • Small group puzzles with problem and reaction
  • Editable small group puzzles to add your own scenarios and reactions


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