SMART Goals Classroom Guidance Lesson

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SMART Goals Activity: Teach your students what SMART goals are with this easy to use classroom guidance lesson. Begin with 2 fun anticipatory set activities to show the importance of goal setting and the importance of setting personally meaningful goals. This lesson is ideal for a 30-40 minute lesson and pairs well with Wellness Triangle Self Assessment lesson. Students can use their self assessment results from that lesson to set personally meaningful goals, but completion of that lesson is not necessary for this SMART goals lesson. I used this activity with 7th grade students, but it is appropriate for students in grades 4-7.


What's Included:

  • Detailed, easy to use lesson plan (objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested data collection)
  • Read to show PowerPoint
  • 2 versions of a student foldable handout to identify goals
  • SMART goal reference checklist bookmark for students