Social Relationships Digital Activity for Google Classroom Distance Learning

  • $2.00

Social Relationships & Connections Digital Activity - In this Google Slides digital activity, students review what social relationships are and why they are important. Students complete a brief self assessment about their own feelings of social connectedness right now (during quarantines and closures), make a plan for keeping in touch with peers during closures, and complete a connection and feelings tracker. Students can complete via Google Slides TM/Google Classroom TM.


What's included:

  • 1 page instructions for counselor, educator, or parent
  • Google Slides activity (3 introductory slides, self assessment, personal plan, & connection tracker)
  • 4 digital postcards to edit and send to friends (download image from Google Slides TM or take a screenshot and then email or text the image)


After students submit their responses to the self assessment through Google Classroom TM, counselors can use this information to identify students who are struggling with isolation and lack of connectedness in order to take steps to promote these.

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