Social Skills Group Counseling Program with Social Skills Activities

  • $12.00

This 12-session elementary school small group counseling program will get students up and moving in engaging activities that teach valuable social skills such as following rules, listening to others, engaging in conversation, and being kind to others! Use these lessons for small groups or classroom guidance lessons! This program is designed to address the following 10 social skills that have been identified as necessary for school success:

➀. Following rules
➁. Following Steps
➂. Listening to Others
➃. Ignoring Distractions
➄. Asking for Help
➅. Taking Turns in Conversation
➆. Getting Along with Others
➇. Staying Calm with Others
➈. Accepting Responsibility for Behavior
➉. Being Kind to Others

What's included:
Pre/post screening tool
⭐Student rating form
⭐Teacher rating form
⭐Teacher nomination form
⭐Parental consent form
⭐Counselor passes
Lesson plans (include objectives, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment)
⭐All necessary handouts
⭐All necessary visual aids
⭐Game instruction, pieces, and scripts (as required)
⭐Optional 50-page workbook for students to use outside of group to reflect on skills and describe practice

Bundle up!
This small group counseling program is also available in my group counseling curriculum bundle!