Stereotyping and Assumptions School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson

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This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson introduces the concept of stereotyping by presenting students with statements and pictures about individuals and asking them to record their "gut reactions" based on names, interests, and appearances. Use PowerPoint or Google Slides (TM) to review scenarios and use Google Sheets (TM) to create graphs to represent student assumption data. Discuss with students why we make assumptions about people based on names, interests, appearances, or groups that they belong to and discuss how this is harmful for our school community and larger community. Students create a "Look Past My Shell" craft to identify ways they've been stereotyped or assumptions others have made about them and to show their real selves to others! Share in small groups or have students go on a gallery walk to learn more about their peers to challenge stereotypes within the classroom.

Includes lesson plan (objectives, outline/script, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested process, perception, and outcome data), ready-to-show PowerPoint and Google Slides (TM) presentations, pre-test/post-test, student response record, instructions for using Google Slides (TM) and Google Sheets (TM) to create graphs, student craft printable, and objectives assessment checklist. 

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