Worry Counseling Lesson Plans: Grounding and Self Talk Worry Art Activity

  • $4.00

Worry Lesson Plans with Art Activity - This 2-session lesson plan will help students in grades 4-5 understand how worry and self talk can help them when they feel worried. Practice grounding strategies, create self talk and affirmations, and then create a meaningful art piece to remind students of their strategies!

What's included:

  • 2 detailed, scripted lesson plans (BW and color)
  • Visual aids for grounding and self talk strategies (BW and color)
  • Slides to review worry, worry analogy, grounding, and self talk with discussion questions (PPT file; you can open a PPT in Google Slides)
  • Student handout to create affirmations (BW)
  • Step-by-step drawing activity for art activity (see video here)

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Please Note: This is a digitally downloadable resource. You will not receive anything in the mail.