Study Skills Classroom Guidance Lesson for School Counseling

  • $2.50

In this study skills school counseling classroom guidance lesson, students consider how they like to study and what methods work best for them. In a study skills scoot activity, students will consider difference scenarios and the study methods that will work for them. This is perfect for classroom guidance or for a small group counseling study skills lesson for elementary school counseling.


What's included:

  • Detailed, scripted lesson plan (objective, outline, materials list, ASCA standards alignment, suggested data collection, and interactive notebook elements)
  • Pre-test/post-test
  • Student scoot activity in color and black/white and PPT form
  • Small group visual aids/handouts in color and black/white
  • Self assessment
  • Interactive notebook printables


❗❗If you own the Study Skills Group Counseling Program, this activity is included. The difference is that this lesson plan has an interactive notebook printables.


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