Group Counseling Curriculum Bundle: All Counselor Keri Group Counseling Programs

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This elementary school group counseling bundle includes 20+ group counseling topics! This bundle includes curriculum on topics such as anger management, anxiety and worry, self control, self esteem, study skills, responsibility, social skills, conflict resolution, and more! 

In the bundle, you'll get:
Aloha Keiki (leadership and community building)
Bounce Back (resiliency skills)
Calm Down Crew (managing anger, elementary)
Stop, Drop, and Roll (managing anger, primary)
Camp Come Together (welcoming new students)
Changing Families (divorce/separation)
Healing Hearts (grief recovery)
Operation Intel (emotional intelligence)
Worry Warriors (managing worries/anxiety)

Zen Kids (mindfulness)
Friendship Social Skills
Catching the Responsibility Bug (responsibility)
Self Esteem with Interactive Notebook
Knights in Shining Armor (self-esteem)
Social Skills
Study Skills
Stress Management with Interactive Notebook
Self Control Surfers (Self Control/Impulse Control)
Girl C.O.D.E. (positive girl relationships)
Building Connections (conflict resolution)
Hearts Apart (dealing with deployment)
➾Kindergarten Social Skills
➾Kindergarten Friendship
➾Dealing with Worries (for early elementary)
➾Test Anxiety Group
➾Kindergarten Coping Skills Group
➾School Success Skills Group
➾Confidence Group
➾Kindergarten Anger Group

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